NN (L) Asia Income (X Cap)

Basic Features

The Sub-Fund’s primary objective is to provide investors with a high level of income. Capital appreciation is the Sub-Fund’s second investment objective. Measured over a period of several years this Sub-Fund aims to generate a substantial portion of its total returns through dividends on the ordinary shares held in the portfolio and income from derivatives.
The Sub-Fund seeks to achieve its investment objectives by investing its assets under management predominantly in a diversified portfolio comprised of equities and/or other transferable securities (warrants on transferable securities – up to a maximum of 10% of the Sub-Fund’s net assets – and convertible bonds) issued by companies established, listed or traded in the Asian region (except Japan and Australia). The performance of this Sub-Fund is not measured against any benchmark. However for performance comparison purposes, the Sub-Fund uses a reference index, MSCI All Country Asia Ex-Japan (Net).


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