NN (L) US Credit (X Cap)p)

Investment Scope

The fund primarily invests in a diversified portfolio of corporate bonds of high quality denominated in US dollars (with a rating of AAA to BBB-). The fund may invest a limited percentage in corporate bonds with a lower credit quality (with a quality rating lower than BBB) and therefore with greater credit risk. Measured over a period of several years, we aim to beat the performance of the benchmark Barclays U.S. Corporate Investment Grade. We actively manage the fund with a focus on bond selection. We combine our analysis on specific issuers of corporate bonds with a broader market analysis to construct the optimal portfolio. We aim to exploit differences in valuations of the companies issuing the bonds within sectors as well as differences in valuations between sectors and different quality segments (ratings). We subject all issuers to an in-depth analysis of business and financial risk before investing, as the issuer specific risk can have an important effect on performance.


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Fixed Income
North America