3K Balanced Fund - Unit Class R

Basic Features

The investment objective of the mutual fund is to achieve the highest possible returns by managing a balanced, diversified portfolio of equities, debt securities (bonds) and money market instruments.

To achieve its objective the mutual fund invests at least 10% of its net assets in equities and at least 10% in equities and at least 10%in debt securities, whereas it may invest at maximum 65% of its assets in equities or debt securities or deposits and money market instruments. The majority of debt securities are debt securities whose issuers or guarantors are Member States of the European Union or public international organizations. In the abovementioned debt securities, the mutual fund may invest more than 35% of its portfolio.

It may also invest secondarily in other transferable securities, listed or to be listed in a regulated market of an EU Member state or in a regulated market of a non-member state, money market instruments listed or to be listed in a regulated market of an EU Member state or in a regulated market of a non-member state, bank deposits, units or shares in Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS) or other equivalent Undertakings and derivatives.

The acquisition or redemption of units is possible every (working) day following the shareholder's request, on the corresponding subscription or redemption price, as calculated in accordance with the fund’s Regulation and published on the website of 3K Investment Partners (www.3kip.gr).

The mutual fund’s benchmark is the composite and consists of: 50% Total Return Index/Athens Stock Exchange General Index and 50% BGRE Index (Bloomberg Greece Sovereign Bond Index).

Any profits occurred may be reinvested or distributed to unit holders by issuing new shares or by paying cash dividends at the discretion of 3K Investment Partners MFMC.




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