NN (L) Euro Income - X Cap EUR

Basic Features

This fund invests in shares of companies located or listed in the Euro zone. We aim to raise additional income on top of the dividends from shares by selling call options (right to buy shares at a certain price). Part of this income is used to buy put options (right to sell shares at a certain price). This policy partially limits the impact of a sharp fall in Euro zone share values on the fund. As a consequence of this structure, the fund will typically underperform Euro zone shares in strong upward markets and will typically outperform in declining and flat markets. The fund's primary objective is to generate a high level of yearly income, which is immediately reinvested for this specific share class. The second objective is to increase investors' capital. This product suits an investor who wants a high yearly reinvestment of income, while accepting the risks associated with investing in shares and the use of financial derivative instruments. Our benchmark is the MSCI EMU NR.


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