3K European Short Term Money Market Fund

Basic Features

The mutual fund’s investment objective is to maintain the value of its assets and to generate returns comparable to those of financial markets.

To achieve its objectives, the mutual fund invests at least 65% of its assets in bank deposits in credit institutions based in Europe and/or high quality money market instruments from issuers based in Europe. The mutual fund’s portfolio has a weighted average maturity (WAM: average maturity of all debt securities in which its assets are invested) of up to sixty (60) days and a weighted average life (WAL: average residual life for all debt securities in which its assets are invested) of up to one hundred and twenty (120) days. In case of investments in fixed income debt securities, these are mainly short-term government bonds (Treasury bills) from European countries (residual life until the payout date of each security up to 397 days), with  high credit rating.

It may also invest in other short term money market UCITS, derivatives and debt securities expressed in different base currency than the one of the mutual fund.

The acquisition or redemption of units is possible every (working) day following the shareholder's request, on the corresponding subscription or redemption price, as calculated in accordance with the fund’s Regulation and published on the website of 3K Investment Partners (www.3kip.gr).

The mutual fund’s benchmark is the ΕΟΝΙΑ Capitalization Index 7 Day.

Any profits occurred may be reinvested or distributed to unit holders by issuing new shares or by paying cash dividends at the discretion of 3K Investment Partners.


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