Title Currency Price Date Type
NN (L) Absolute Return Bond (X Cap)EUR259,7217/07/2019Fixed Income
NN (L) Alternative Beta (X Cap EUR)EUR379,0717/07/2019Structured Products
NN (L) Asia Income (X Cap)USD1082,2817/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Banking and Insurance (X Cap)USD696,0717/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Consumer Goods (X Cap)USD1799,2617/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Emerging Europe Equity (X Cap EUR)EUR66,8117/07/2019Equity
NN (L) First Class Protection (P Cap)EUR31,2717/07/2019Structured Funds
NN (L) Energy (X Cap)USD983,2217/07/2019Equity
NN (L) European High Dividend (X Cap)EUR383,1417/07/2019Equity
NN (L) European Equity (X Cap)EUR60,5517/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Food and Beverages (X Cap)USD2132,3217/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Global High Dividend (X Cap EUR)EUR426,1717/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Global Equity Impact Opportunities (X Cap EUR)EUR454,0117/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Global Real Estate (X Cap)EUR1486,2417/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Greater China Equity (X Cap)USD1168,4617/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Health Care (X Cap)USD1913,5417/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Industrials (X Cap)EUR623,8417/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Information Technology (X Cap) USDUSD1678,317/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Information Technology (X Cap) EUREUR5137,6817/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Japan Equity (X Cap)JPY424217/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Emerging Markets Enhanced Index Sustainable Equity (X Cap)USD1807,4117/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Materials (X Cap)USD963,4917/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Prestige and Luxe (X Cap)EUR898,6417/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Global Sustainable Equity (X Cap)EUR330,1617/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Communication Services (X Cap)USD898,5817/07/2019Equity
NN (L) US Enhanced Core Concentrated Equity (X Cap)USD137,0217/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Utilities (X Cap)USD867,5717/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Patrimonial Aggressive (X Cap)EUR779,1317/07/2019Multi Asset
NN (L) Patrimonial Balanced (X Cap)EUR1363,3217/07/2019Multi Asset
NN (L) Patrimonial Defensive (X Cap)EUR574,517/07/2019Multi Asset
NN (L) Asian Debt (Hard Currency) (X Cap)USD1962,8117/07/2019Fixed Income
NN (L) US Factor Credit (X Cap)USD1233,7217/07/2019Fixed Income
NN (L) Emerging Markets Debt (Hard Currency) (X Cap Hedged)EUR5032,4917/07/2019Fixed Income
NN (L) Emerging Markets Debt (Local Currency) (X Cap)USD49,6617/07/2019Fixed Income
NN (L) Euro Credit (X Cap)EUR180,7417/07/2019Fixed Income
NN (L) Euro Fixed Income (X CAP)EUR570,3817/07/2019Fixed Income
NN (L) Euro Liquidity (X Cap)EUR253,2317/07/2019Money Market
NN (L) Euromix Bond (X Cap)EUR171,8417/07/2019Fixed Income
NN (L) Global High Yield (X Cap Hedged EUR)EUR499,9617/07/2019Fixed Income
NN (L) Global Inflation Linked Bond (X Cap)EUR317,5617/07/2019Fixed Income
NN (L) US Credit (X Cap)USD1402,2317/07/2019Fixed Income
NN (L) Global Bond Opportunities - X Cap EUREUR879,5517/07/2019Fixed Income
NN (L) Global Bond Opportunities - X Cap EUR (hedged)EUR216,1317/07/2019Fixed Income
NN (L) Emerging Markets High Dividend - X Cap USDUSD56,2417/07/2019Equity
NN (L) EURO Equity - X Cap EUREUR147,4317/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Euro Income - X Cap EUREUR1269,9817/07/2019Equity
NN (L) European Real Estate - X Cap EUREUR1114,5717/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Patrimonial Balanced European Sustainable - X Cap EUR (hedged ii)EUR659,7217/07/2019Multi Asset
NN (L) First Class Multi Asset - X Cap EUREUR278,1417/07/2019Multi Asset
NN (L) European Sustainable Equity (X Cap)EUR384,8417/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Alternative Beta (X CAP USD)USD290,9617/07/2019Structured Products
NN (L) Commodity Enhanced (X CAP USD)USD128,9617/07/2019Structured Products
NN (L) Emerging Europe Equity (X CAP USD)USD91,5417/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Global High Dividend (X CAP USD)USD470,7317/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Global Equity Impact Opportunities (X CAP USD)USD386,8117/07/2019Equity
NN (L) US Growth Equity (X CAP USD)USD126,6917/07/2019Equity
NN (L) US High Dividend (X CAP USD)USD532,0217/07/2019Equity
NN (L) Emerging Markets Debt (Hard Currency) (X CAP USD)USD367,417/07/2019Fixed Income
NN (L) Global High Yield (X CAP USD)USD385,3617/07/2019Fixed Income