Title Currency Price Date Type
NN (L) First Class Stable Yield Opportunities (X Cap)EUR264,921/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) Alternative Beta (X Cap EUR)EUR409,821/01/2021Structured Products
NN (L) Asia Income (X Cap)USD1533,6921/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Banking and Insurance (X Cap)USD712,0121/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Emerging Europe Equity (X Cap EUR)EUR64,2621/01/2021Equity
NN (L) First Class Protection (P Cap)EUR30,4421/01/2021Structured Funds
NN (L) Energy (X Cap)USD714,8721/01/2021Equity
NN (L) European High Dividend (X Cap)EUR390,1121/01/2021Equity
NN (L) European Equity (X Cap)EUR6221/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Food and Beverages (X Cap)USD2257,4521/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Global High Dividend (X Cap EUR)EUR450,2821/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Global Equity Impact Opportunities (X Cap EUR)EUR558,4121/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Global Real Estate (X Cap)EUR1266,2221/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Greater China Equity (X Cap)USD2018,321/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Health Care (X Cap)USD2555,7621/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Smart Connectivity (X Cap) USDUSD2160,0221/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Smart Connectivity (X Cap) EUREUR6108,121/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Japan Equity (X Cap)JPY483021/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Emerging Markets Enhanced Index Sustainable Equity (X Cap)USD2461,5521/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Climate & Environment (X Cap) USDUSD1395,721/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Health & Well-being (X Cap) EUREUR982,4321/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Global Sustainable Equity (X Cap)EUR449,3321/01/2021Equity
NN (L) US Enhanced Core Concentrated Equity (X Cap)USD169,2221/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Patrimonial Aggressive (X Cap)EUR893,1321/01/2021Multi Asset
NN (L) Patrimonial Balanced (X Cap)EUR1507,3821/01/2021Multi Asset
NN (L) Patrimonial Defensive (X Cap)EUR605,8721/01/2021Multi Asset
NN (L) Asian Debt (Hard Currency) (X Cap)USD2060,2621/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) US Factor Credit (X Cap)USD1388,8121/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) Emerging Markets Debt (Hard Currency) (X Cap Hedged)EUR5149,321/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) Emerging Markets Debt (Local Currency) (X Cap)USD50,1721/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) Euro Credit (X Cap)EUR186,0421/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) Euro Fixed Income (X CAP)EUR581,8221/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) Euro Liquidity (X Cap)EUR251,6621/01/2021Money Market
NN (L) Euromix Bond (X Cap)EUR168,1921/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) Global High Yield (X Cap Hedged EUR)EUR528,7721/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) Global Inflation Linked Bond (X Cap)EUR329,7421/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) US Credit (X Cap)USD1621,1821/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) Global Bond Opportunities - X Cap EUREUR863,9521/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) Global Bond Opportunities - X Cap EUR (hedged)EUR216,2821/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) Emerging Markets High Dividend - X Cap USDUSD74,6321/01/2021Equity
NN (L) EURO Equity - X Cap EUREUR150,7921/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Euro Income - X Cap EUREUR1230,6121/01/2021Equity
NN (L) European Real Estate - X Cap EUREUR1010,4821/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Patrimonial Balanced European Sustainable - X Cap EUR (hedged ii)EUR739,8821/01/2021Multi Asset
NN (L) First Class Multi Asset - X Cap EUREUR283,8521/01/2021Multi Asset
NN (L) European Sustainable Equity (X Cap)EUR482,8121/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Alternative Beta (X CAP USD)USD340,4621/01/2021Structured Products
NN (L) Commodity Enhanced (X CAP USD)USD137,7921/01/2021Structured Products
NN (L) Emerging Europe Equity (X CAP USD)USD95,3121/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Global High Dividend (X CAP USD)USD538,4621/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Global Equity Impact Opportunities (X CAP USD)USD515,0721/01/2021Equity
NN (L) US Growth Equity (X CAP USD)USD182,4521/01/2021Equity
NN (L) US High Dividend (X CAP USD)USD58621/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Emerging Markets Debt (Hard Currency) (X CAP USD)USD389,5921/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) Global High Yield (X CAP USD)USD427,3521/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) Climate & Environment (X Cap) EUREUR1887,121/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Health & Well-being (X Cap) USDUSD209,9921/01/2021Equity
NN (L) Global Bond Opportunities - X Cap USDUSD1003,9721/01/2021Fixed Income
NN (L) Euro Sustainable Credit (excluding Financials) - X Cap EUREUR323,6921/01/2021Fixed Income