How to invest in 3K Mutual Funds and in NN Luxembourg UCITS*

3K Investment Partners Mutual Fund Management Company Single Member S.A.

Ministry of National Economy decision 38476/B 1288/13-09-1990. General Commercial Registry 1003501000. Supervising Authority: Hellenic Capital Market Commission

(*UCITS: Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities)


3K Investment Partners Mutual Fund  Management Company Single Member SA manages the following four (4) mutual funds:

3K Domestic Equity Fund

3K Greek Value Domestic Equity Fund

3K Balanced Fund

3K International Income Bond Fund

and has been designated as the representative in Greece of the NN Investment Partners UCITS, based in Luxembourg.

These are:

NN (L)

NN (L) Patrimonial


The  mutual funds managed and NN UCITS based in Luxembourg, represented by 3K investment Partners MFMC Single Member S.A. are available to you through the certified sales – agents of NN Hellenic Life Insurance Company SA or other distribution networks of 3K Investment Partners



Investing in Greek mutual funds and NN UCITS based in Luxembourg is a simple process. Initially the certified agent of NN HELLAS or other partners provides you free of charge, once you wish to become a unit holder of the fund (and before the completion and signing the application for subscription):

For the Greek mutual funds with:

  • The Key Investor Information Document (KIID)

And upon your request with:

  • the mutual fund’s Regulation
  • the prospectus
  • the most recent annual and semi-annual report

For the ΝΝ Luxembourg UCITS  funds with:

  • The Key Investor Information Document (KIID)
  • the prospectus
  • the most recent annual and semi-annual report

Afterwards, you complete and sign an application of subscription accompanied by the documents that certify your full name, your profession, your tax identification number and the address of residence as provided by Law 3691/2008 on the prevention of money laundering and the relevant decisions of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission.

In the application you can select the mutual funds or the NN Luxembourg UCITS that you are interested in investing, as well as the amount that you will invest in each one. Apart from the submission of application and required documents, you have to deposit the corresponding amounts in the banking accounts of the mutual funds.

ATTENTION! The amount should be deposited exclusively in the reception accounts of the mutual funds in Bank of Piraeus (the custodian for the Greek mutual funds and the paying bank for Luxembourg UCITS) as it is indicated relatively in the applications of subscriptions. It is prohibited the payment of cash or the delivery of checks to certified agents individuals or the cash deposit in accounts of other beneficiaries besides mutual funds/UCITS.



In the event where you wish to liquidate your investment in 3K mutual funds and UCITS you have to submit completed and signed an application for redemption and within 5 days you will receive the proceeds form the redemption of your shares.

FOREIGN PAYING BANK – Only for redemptions from NN Luxembourg UCITS

3K Investment Partners MFMC Single Member S.A. provides the ability to make payments from NN Luxembourg UCITS redemptions through an alternative paying bank abroad, the ING Bank NV, to a bank account that you (shareholders) keep in euro in a credit institution or branch of a credit institution based or established in a member country of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

In order to make use of the alternative paying bank abroad, besides completing the known redemption application it is required to fill out the form " PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS ABROAD " which , in this case , is an integral part of the redemption application.



The service of unit holders who acquire shares through the network of certified insurance consultants of NN HELLAS , has been entrusted to NN HELLAS. For that purpose, within the Customer Contact Center department at NN HELLAS (following the work schedule and public holidays), a Call Centre is available through the telephone line +30 801 100 200 300 and in person customer service, that may be contacted by those interested in investing in 3K mutual funds or those who wish to request information about their portfolio.

The service of customers who have acquire 3K mutual funds or NN Luxembourg UCITS  through 3K Investment Partners directly  or other distribution networks , takes place via the Customer Service departments of the respective companies.

The Customer Service department of 3K Investment Partners is available through  the telephone line +30 210 7419890