The Company

3K Investment Partners Mutual Fund Management Company Single Member S.A




Establishment as a Mutual Fund Management Co by Decision 38476/Β 1288/13.09.1990 of Ministry of Economy and Finance

License to provide the investment services of paragraph 1a of Article 2 of Law 2396/1996 (currently  the investment services of paragraph 2 of Article 12 of Law 4099/2012) by Decision 15/340/1.6.2005 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission .

License as AIFM by Decision 3/788/15.6.2017 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission

General Commercial Registry 1003501000                                                                          

Supervising Authority: Hellenic Capital Market Commission


Our vision

We want to be an investment company which focuses in investments of value and offers excellent solutions to its customers. This vision motivates us for the future and urges us to achieve more.



3K Investment Partners MFMC Single Member SA has already a long presence in the Greek market (established in 1990) and has written a successful career in the management of mutual funds and the representation and distribution of a wide range of NN Investment Partners’ Luxembourg UCITS (formerly ING Investment Management), while remaining committed to achieving significant returns and providing services of high quality to its customers.


Since 2014, 3K Investment Partners AEDAK is wholly owned by 3K Investments Company. 3K Investments Company has been set up by a group of successful Greek businessmen (Takis Canellopoulos, Georgios Koufopoulos) and executives of 3K Investment Partners. Approximately 97,5% of 3K Investment SA is owned by executives and employees of 3K Investment Partners.


Products and Services

Currently, 3K Investment Partners  MFMC Single Member S.A. manages six Greek mutual funds, which have recorded a constant and systematic history of exceptional performances both in upward and downward movements of the market, based on transparent and clear investment processes and rigorous risk management. At the same time, 3K IP MFMC, acting as representative of NN Investment Partners in Greece and Cyprus, supports the sales network of NN Hellas and other distribution networks of NN Investment Partners’ Luxembourg UCITS.


The Company may additionally provide, according to its articles of association and under license authorized by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (Law 4099 / 2012), the following services:


- Management of investment portfolios, including those owned by pension funds, in accordance with mandates given by clients on a discretionary basis and for each customer separately, where such portfolios include one or more of the financial instruments listed in Article 5 of N.3606 / 2007, as amended.

- Investment advice for one or more of the financial instruments referred to in part C of Apendix I  of Law.4514/2018, as amended.

- Safekeeping and units’ administration of collective investment undertakings.





Exclusive shareholder of 3K Investment Partners is 3K Investment Company SA., which is active in the field of Business Investments.


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