Picture for category 3K Greek Value Domestic Equity, a new fund by 3K Investment Partners M.F.M.C.

3K Greek Value Domestic Equity, a new fund by 3K Investment Partners M.F.M.C.

3K Investment Partners (www.3kip.gr), after its recent renaming from ING MFMC, proceeds to the launch of the 3K Greek Value Domestic Equity mutual fund (Dec. 230 / 13.05.2015 HCMC Director of Supervised Entities).

The scope of 3K Greek Value Domestic Equity fund is to invest in valuable listed in the Athens Stock Exchange companies that have robust balance sheets, long-term profitability, reliable management and attractive valuations. A significant part of its assets will be invested in small and medium capitalization companies with reduced marketability.

The 3K Investment Partners, has a long and successful track record in managing mutual funds, which invest in the Greek stock market, as it is one of the oldest Mutual Fund Management Company in Greece (founded 1990) and until December 2014 belonged to international asset manager NN Investment Partners (formerly ING Investment Management).

The current stock valuations of remarkable companies listed in the ASE, coupled with the management skills of 3K Investment Partners, give investors the opportunity to become partners with robust companies, which, despite the Greek crisis, generate value and profits for their shareholders.

George Koufopoulos, CEO and CIO of 3K Investment Partners, says: "there are excellent Greek companies, with healthy balance sheets, resilient to the crisis with attractive valuations. As many negative developments for Greece have already been discounted, there is considerable upside potential in relation to the risks that accompany this investment option. Statistically, the chances of the next seven years to be better than the seven previous ones, are great. "

By launching 3K Greek Value Domestic Equity, 3K Investment Partners proves its confidence in Greek entrepreneurship and aims to create value in the long term.

3K Greek Value Domestic Equity Fund is available to investors through certified mutual funds’ sales network of NN Hellas and 3K Investment Partners MFMC. The Key Investor Information Document and the prospectus of the mutual fund is available on the website 3K Investment Partners MFMC website www.3kip.gr


Contact Information:    

George Koufopoulos                                   Theodoros Lizardos

CEO                                                                Head of Marketing & Business Development

Τ +30 210 7419890   

E-mail: info@3kip.gr