What is a mutual fund?


A mutual fund is a financial vehicle that pools assets from shareholders to invest in securities like stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and other assets. Mutual funds are operated by professional asset managers, who allocate the fund's assets and attempt to produce capital gains or income for the fund's investors. A mutual fund's portfolio is structured and maintained to match the investment objectives stated in its prospectus.

What are the advantages of mutual funds?

  • Your capital is strengthened by the addition of other investors’ capital, creating a large amount of money that works in coordination and allows more opportunities in the markets to be exploited.
  • The fund’s assets are managed by specialized companies and their qualified market professionals with experience, education and qualifications, who are exclusively engaged in achieving the most efficient utilization of mutual funds' assets.
  • There is transparency and continuous update on how the mutual fund’s capital is invested, its charges and its performances.
  • You have the exclusive possession of your units/shares, as mutual funds’ assets belong only to their shareholders and not to the management company, the custodian bank or any other intermediary.
  • They offer a multitude of options and diversification since, by investing in various mutual funds you have the opportunity to invest in many markets, different types of investments all over the world and, various currencies.
  • Mutual funds are governed by a complete supervisory framework that protects the investing public
  • They offer investment flexibility, since the investor has the possibility to buy and sell units/shares every day, as well as be transferred from one mutual fund to another. Hence, investors are not trapped and can switch to another type of placement easily and simply.

How can I invest in mutual funds through 3K Investment Partners?


Investing in the Funds managed or represented by 3K Investment Partners is a relatively simple process. Before filling in the application form, we will provide you with the "Key Investor Information Document" (KIID) of the mutual funds you are interested in and upon your request • the Regulations of the mutual fund • the Prospectus • the last Annual or Semi-annual report

Then you fill and sign a Subscription Application and provide the necessary documents certifying your full name, your profession, the V.A.T. and your residential address etc., as provided by Law 3691/2008 on the prevention of money laundering from criminal activities and the relevant decisions of the Capital Market Commission.

The above procedure can also be done electronically through the electronic platform: https://www.3kip-efunds.gr/

In the Application you can select the mutual funds and the amount you wish to invest. Additionally to submitting your application and identity documents, it is required to deposit the corresponding investment amounts into the bank accounts of the mutual funds / UCITs.

Call us at +2107419890 or send us a message at info@3kip.gr and one of our team will guide and help you.

Is it easy it to withdraw my money from an investment in mutual funds?


You can redeem part or all of your mutual fund investments on any business day.

To redeem shares of the mutual fund, the shareholder submits a redemption request to the Company:

(a) in a written form directly to the Company or through the mediators, that the company has designated, according to the process determined by the Company and which ensures the identification of investor’s details, or

(b) electronically (this possibility is provided only in the context of the distribution of mutual funds in Greece), through the electronic platform of 3K Investment Partners "3KIP e-Funds" (https://www.3kip-efunds.gr/).

The redemption takes place at the redemption price of shares on the day of submission of the unitholder's application, provided that it is submitted by 2:30 p.m. Greek local time. In the event that the unitholder wishes a partial redemption, he must specify in the submitted application the exact number of shares he wishes to redeem or the amount of the partial redemption.

The value of the shares of the mutual fund that are redeemed is paid within five (5) working days from the day of submission of the redemption request.

According to the current pricing policy of 3K Investment Partners, the redemption fee for all funds is zero.

What is the net asset value price of a mutual fund and when it is calculated?


A fund's NAV price is derived by dividing the total net asset value of the securities in the portfolio by the total amount of outstanding units/shares. For the calculation of the portfolio’s net asset value all expenses and liabilities are deducted.

How are the subscription price and redemption price of a mutual fund calculated?


The subscription price and the redemption price are the prices at which units/shares may be purchased and liquidated respectively. The subscription price is derived from the net asset value price plus a fee percentage in favor of the mutual funds’ distribution network and the Mutual Fund Management Company (MFMC). Accordingly, the redemption price is derived from the net asset value price minus a fee percentage in favor of the mutual fund distribution network and MFMC. Subscription and redemption fees, under the current regulatory framework, cannot exceed 5%, while in reality they are much lower, depending on the type of fund, the subscription/redemption amount and other criteria. For example at 3K Investment Partners the redemption fee is zero.

How do I get update on the progress of my investments?


You can be informed on the value of the shares you own with the following ways:

  • The prices of the mutual funds are published on a daily basis on www.3kip.gr and therefore by multiplying the net asset value price of the mutual funds in which you have invested by the number of units you own you can calculate the exact value of your investment every day.
  • By opening an account on the electronic platform of 3K Investment Partners, E-Funds you can see the current value of your investments whenever you want, as well as access even more information safely, conveniently and online.
  • In addition, mutual fund prices are published in the daily print and web media.
  • Also by calling 210 7419890 between 9am and 5pm (local time) our customer service desk will update you on the value of your investments.

Is there a minimum investment amount in a mutual fund?


In fact, under the current institutional framework there is no minimum limit on the amount of participation in a mutual fund. However, for practical reasons at 3K Investment Partners we request an indicative minimum subscription amount of €1,000.

Do mutual funds have a specific return?


Mutual funds have no guaranteed performance and past performance does not guarantee future performance.

A more general rule of thumb is that funds that carry more risk over time can generate higher returns than those that incorporate lower levels of risk. However, the time factor is decisive for this evaluation. In any case mutual funds do not have a specific performance and vary in terms of risk and expected return, depending on their categorization and their investment objective.

How to choose the right mutual fund(s)?


For selecting the most appropriate mutual fund, the needs of each investor need to be taken into consideration. Therefore, in order to determine an effective portfolio of mutual funds for an investor, the risk tolerance, available time horizon, income and asset situation of the investor, experience etc. need to be considered before the investment. According to these criteria, the appropriate portfolios are built for each investor.

By contacting 3K Investment Partners, you will be working with specialized advisors, who will help you find the investments that match your characteristics, needs and desires.

What costs do I incur when investing in a mutual fund?


The investment in a mutual fund is usually accompanied by the payment of a one-time subscription fee, which is derived from the net unit price plus a percentage fee in favor of the mutual fund’s distribution network of the MFMC. The participation fees of the various mutual funds available through 3K Investment Partners are published on the website of 3K Investment Partners. Furthermore, mutual funds charge management fees which are calculated on a daily basis and are included in the published net price. The percentage of these expenses on an annual basis is called "Ongoing Charges" and is published in the "Key Information Document for Investors", which is available at www.3kip.gr The amount of Ongoing Charges is a low single-digit percentage of the mutual fund's assets of capital and varies between different mutual funds.

What is a "portfolio management service"?


The service of portfolio management consists in the management of clients’ portfolios, at the discretion of our Company and within the framework of the orders of the clients, retail or professionals. The portfolios may include one or more financial instruments (such as shares, bonds, mutual funds or money market instruments). It involves profiling the customer according to their knowledge and experience in the markets, their risk tolerance, their financial situation and their aspirations.

The investment advisory service is provided taking into consideration the investment objectives, the knowledge and experience of the financial instruments, financial situation, and risk tolerance following the procedure imposed by the MiFID II Directive for the assessment of the suitability of the investor. This service is provided by specialized staff of 3K Investment Partners, who advise clients during the planning and preparation of the investment.

Is there a regulatory authority for your services?


The Supervisory Authority is the Hellenic Capital Market Commission.