3K Investment Partners official member of CSR Hellas

CSR Hellas is a non-profit business association, which was founded and has been operating since 2000 for the promotion and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the strategies and operations of businesses and organizations, regardless of size or sector. CSR Hellas belongs to the wider European Network of CSR Europe, which consists of 42 European Networks and and 10.000 corporate members and operates with a shared mission and vision (2030 Agenda).

The inclusion of 3K Investment Partners in the Greek Network of Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR Hellas, signals and strengthens the strategic cooperation with our main stakeholders and other companies, in the process of promoting and integrating the principles of sustainability, both in the planning and in the operation of Greek companies , in accordance with the conditions and priorities set by the new regulatory framework of the European Union for sustainability.

With our participation in the National CSR Network, CSR Hellas (www.csrhellas.org) we enforce the impact of our communication both towards the wider investment public and businesses and we promote the correct information and the exchange of experience and knowledge from the application of good practices, international standards and European directives and initiatives related to sustainability.