Wealth Management

As part of the integrated solutions to clients, 3Κ Investment Partners offers wealth management services, through the investment services of portfolio management, investment advice and reception & transmittion of orders.


The particular financial needs and expectations of each prospective investor are "translated" and reflected into an integrated portfolio proposal, which, once established, is monitored and adjusted regularly. The financial instruments which compose each portfolio are selected by the executives of our Company through a wide range of financial instruments in geographical and sectorial terms and with strict selection criteria, while the construction and management of each portfolio always takes place in accordance with the knowledge, experience, financial situation and investment objectives of each investor.


The Discretionary Portfolio Management Service involves the management of our private or professional clients’ investment portfolios, at the discretion of our Company and within the context of clients’ mandate. These portfolios may include one or more financial instruments (such as equities, bonds, mutual funds or money market instruments). This specific service adheres to the profile of the clients, deriving from their experience and knowledge on investment, their risk tolerance, financial status and objectives.


The investment advisory service is provided based on the investment objectives, knowledge and experience in financial instruments, financial situation, and risk tolerance following the procedure imposed by the MiFID II Directive to assess the suitability of the investor. This service is provided by specialized staff of 3K Investment Partners, who advise clients during the planning and preparation of the investment.


For further information and appointments, regarding our Wealth Management services, you may contact our specialized executives by calling in +30 210 7419890 or through email info@3kip.gr.