Security Guidelines "Phishing"

  • Make sure that the email actually comes from by checking for the digital signature that guarantees the authenticity of the sender and the content.
  • 3K Investment Partners will never ask for your passwords in any way (by phone, by email or using any other means of communication). They are personal and should not be disclosed to anyone else.
  • Find some way to ensure that your passwords remain secret and cannot be phished.
  • Use the URL to view the 3K Investment Partners MFMC site. Do not use links from other sites, search engines or emails to access it.
  • Ignore ‘suspect’ emails that urge you to provide your personal details, contain links or attached files, and delete them immediately.
  • Protect your computer using antivirus and antispyware software. Make sure you use the most recent editions.
  • Install the latest version of Internet Explorer (v7 or later) or Mozilla Firefox (v2 or later) which keep a list of well-known phishing websites, and offer protection against hyperlinked access to them.
  • Install anti-phishing apps on your current browser, such as the Google “safe browsing toolbar”.



This information has been provided by 3K Investment Partners to give you answers about the security of electronic and phone transactions.

3K Investment Partners makes every effort to ensure that your personal data and any transactions you enter into remain secure. It is very important for us to protect our customers. Having said that, you need to keep yourself up-to-date to ensure you remain safe. That is why we offer information about the following topics:

1 Definitions

2 3K Investment Partners core practices

3 Websites’ confirmation

4 How to protect yourself


1. Definitions

What is phishing?

On the internet, phishing is a crime whereby the perpetrator (the phisher) attempts to steal personal data or information using a series of fraudulent means that direct the victim to do certain things or disclose personal data, such as emails that contain addresses. Those emails may include a hyperlink to a website that mimics the genuine one, in order to allow the phisher to phish personal data.

Once you provide the phisher with the information, he can use it to your detriment to obtain money, open or close bank accounts in your name via web-banking, or gain access to your online correspondence, and so on.

That’s why you should be suspicious if you receive emails asking for personal data.

What is Vishing?

Vishing is a variation of phishing for those who use the telephone or Voice over IP (VoIP) tools. For example, you may receive an email or SMS asking you to call a freephone number to confirm your details, or you may receive a phone call with a pre-recorded message asking you to key in your personal details.

Once you provide that information, it can be used for illegal purposes, such as to commit fraud against you.

To protect yourself:

- only use the numbers of registered call centres to enter into financial transactions.
- be careful when giving out your personal data over the phone.
- remember that 3K Investment Partners will never ask you to provide your passwords over the phone.

Copies of 3K Investment Partners MFMC website

Unisystems monitors and checks the web to trace illegal websites, which are frequently the first step used by phishers. We work to have those websites shut down as quickly as possible.

Advanced Fee Fraud (419 scam)

This is a special form of electronic fraud using mass emails that offer to pay over large amounts of money provided you pay a certain amount to cover legal fees, account opening fees or customs clearance fees.  Sometimes the money offered comes from a draw that you have never taken part in. Other times the money is in a foreign account whose holder cannot access the account, which is why he promises a percentage of the money in return for you providing assistance.

Don’t reply to emails like this. They are part of a scam and you will never receive the money you are being promised. We mention this type of fraud because we know that criminals committing crimes of this type might use the ING name. 


2. 3K Investment Partners core practices

3K Investment Partners may contact clients by email.  How can you know which emails really come from ING and which ones don’t?

  • 3K Investment Partners will address you in person, using your name and surname.
  • 3K Investment Partners will not include links or hyperlinks on its website that redirect you to other websites that ask for your personal details.
  • 3K Investment Partners will never ask you to confirm your personal details via email.
  • 3K Investment Partners uses encryption mechanisms to safeguard electronic communications and any electronic transactions.


3. Website confirmation

Make sure you are actually on 3K Investment Partners MFMC website.

Only visit the website via the 3K Investment Partners webpage ( and not by clicking on links to it from other sites. 


4. How to protect yourself 

Keep your personal details safe

Account numbers, userIDs, PINs, memorable data and numbers used to identify customers are all keys to your account. Never give or send that information by email to a third party. Remember that you are personally responsible for safekeeping your userID, PIN and security information.

Keep your computer safe

Many people may try to install programs on your computer via the internet or email without your knowledge (Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, Spyware, etc.).
Some of those programs could phish your personal data and codes, destroy files or software and, in general, do harm to your computer.

3K Investment Partners provides clients with information about the risks of using electronic systems. To help you securely enter into online transactions, it recommends that you:

1. Safeguard your computer using appropriate software  

  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus software
  • Antispyware software
  • Antiphishing software  


2. Use the internet carefully and ‘prudently’

  • Don’t answer emails asking for account details or passwords  
  • Don’t ignore it when your computer ‘acts up’
  • Update your computer by downloading the latest versions of the system and antivirus programs, etc.
  • Delete temporary internet files from your computer  
  • Ensure that you manage passwords safely   
  • Avoid using computers in public places  
  • Notify 3K Investment Partners immediately if you suspect any attempt to phish your codes has taken place  
  • Be careful with spam emails  
  • Use the spam filter to avoid receiving this type of emails  
  • Don’t ever answer spam emails because by doing so your email will be entered in the list and the number of spam emails will increase.