Despite the adversities in the Greek stock market the fund 3K Greek Value Domestic Equity Fund* delivered positive return in 2018, as it did also in 2017 and 2016.
-Friday, June 15, 2018 Five Stars for 3K Greek Value Fund*
The mutual fund 3K Greek Value, on 26/05/2018, completed three years of life, a sufficient period for Morningstar TM to assess its course. The result justifies the dedication of the investment team of 3K Investment Partners to the selection of robust stock companies with good governance and consistent management that, in addition to having already paid off, it is a milestone for the fund's success over time.
3K Investment Partners (formerly ING MFMC) scored the first place as the best Mutual Fund Management Company in Greece for 2014, in Extel survey.
3K Greek Value Domestic Equity, a new fund by 3K Investment Partners M.F.M.C.