Our History

Our hisotry in a nutchel



Establishment of Nationale – Nederlanden MFMC SA



Launch of the first mutual fund: Nationale - Nederlanden Domestic Equity Fund

Undertaking of the management of the proprietary assets of ING Life Insurance Greece and ING General Insurance Greece



Rename from Nationale – Nederlanden MFMC SA to ING MFMC SA

2002 - 2003


Formation of the joint venture with Piraeus Bank through EPEY, merge ING MFMC SA with Piraeus MFMC SA and rename to ING Piraeus MFMC SA



Launch and commercialization of the ING Luxembourg fund range in the Greek market



Acquisition of the ING Piraeus EPEY by ING Piraeus MFMC SA and extension of license in order to perform portfolio management activities



ING Piraeus MFMC SA is bought by ING Investment Management (Europe) B.V. which becomes the sole shareholder and the company is renamed in ING M.F.M.C.



November Change of ownership of ING M.F.M.C.: the management team of ING MFMC and Greek entrepreneurs formed 3K Investment Company SA and bought 100% of ING MFMC which renamed into 3K Investment Partners MFMC

The funds managed by 3K Investment Partner started being rated by Morningstar



Introduction of E-funds, the first online trading in mutual funds platform in Greece



License extension to Alternative Investment Fund Management (AIFM)



Launch of its first Alternative Investment Fund, 3K Anagennisis AIF



3K Investment Partners became an official member of the Hellenic Corporate Social Responsibility Network CSR Hellas with the aim of promoting and integrating the principles of sustainability