Sustainability Strategy – Priorities and Objectives

3K Investment Partners' strategy is to create value by offering efficient, responsible and sustainable solutions that satisfy the diverse needs of its clients.

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are a key component of the company's mission and strategy, which is ensured by partnership and collaboration with its customers and key stakeholders.

Through continuous consultation and collaboration, the essential issues for 3KIP and its stakeholders are identified and used as a compass for defining goals and priorities in its strategy.

A key tool for implementing the sustainability strategy is 3KIP's Sustainability and Responsible Investment Policy, which is based on the application of international sustainability standards and criteria in decision-making and investment management. (UN Principles for Responsible Investment-UN PRI  Sustainable Finance Reporting Regulation-SFDR)

3KIP recognizes as main stakeholders in the implementation of its strategy its employees and shareholders, clients and companies with whom it cooperates to create investment products that meet the conditions of sustainable and efficient investments. 

The collective action to promote and establish sustainability and the principles of corporate social responsibility in the operation and decision-making both in the private and public sector is a conscious choice and an investment of 3KIP in the context of the implementation of its strategy.

3K Investment Partners official member of CSR Hellas


Priorities and Goals 2022 – 2030 

Recognizing as essential issues from the consultation with the key shareholders of 3KIP, among others:

  • Responsible and effective management of investment risks and regulatory compliance
  • Involvement and participation of employees and key stakeholders
  • Ensuring and strengthening responsibility in corporate governance

3KIP implements a 3-year action plan (2021 – 2024) to achieve the following goals:

Integrating Sustainability Criteria into Investment Decision Making, informing customers and designing new products
Development of knowledge, skills and working conditions and development of employees in partnership with the main stakeholders and aiming at sustainable economic development
Specializing sustainability criteria related to climate change and strengthening initiatives to promote new products that contribute to tackling it