3K International Income Bond Fund - Unit Class I

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Net Asset Value


Risk level

Investment Scope

To achieve its objective the mutual fund invests at least 65% of its net assets in debt securities (bonds), whose issuers or guarantors are Member States of the European Union or public international organizations in which one or more member states or companies located in member state of EU participate and that are traded in regulated markets in Greece or abroad. It may also invest secondarily in other transferable securities, money market instruments, fixed income securities, bank deposits, units or shares in Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS). The mutual fund’s investment in equities may not exceed 10% of the fund's net assets. It is noted that the Fund is allowed to invest all its assets (100%) in transferable securities and money market instruments of the same issuer issued or guaranteed by the Greek State or other Member States of the European Union under the specific terms referred in its Regulation.

The acquisition or redemption of units is possible each (working) day following the shareholder's request, on the corresponding subscription or redemption price, as calculated in accordance with the fund’s Regulation and published on the website of 3K Investment Partners (www.3kip.gr).
The mutual fund’s benchmark is the Euribor 12M + 1%. The mutual fund’s Benchmark is the Total Return Index/Athens Stock Exchange General Index. The fund implements active management over the benchmark, given that the selection of the fund's holdings in relation to the composition of the benchmark is at the discretion of 3K Investment Partners, in the sense that for the portfolio management, 3K Investment Partners does not follow the composition of the benchmark. The fund’s benchmark is used for comparison purposes only.

For more information, please refer to the Key Investor Information Document.

Key Investor Information - Unit Class I
Key Investor Information - Unit Class I DIS

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Past returns do not predict future returns

Historical NAV

Calendar Year Performance (NET %)

Cumulative Performance (ΝΕΤ %)

EUR 1y 3y 5y
Fund -4.70 - -
Share Class Benchmark 1.96 - -
Date Report 31/12/2022

Practical Info

ISIN Code: GRF000316007
Currency: EUR
Unit class: I
Asset class: Fixed Income
Region: Global

Risk and Reward Profile

The fund is placed in this specific risk category, as it invests predominantly in debt securities, which may fluctuate. Therefore the risk level is medium. Due to a substantial change in the fund's investment policy in 2019, the composite risk and return indicator has been calculated on a representative portfolio basis. The risk category mentioned in this section may deviate from the current one.
Historical data may not be a reliable indication of the future performance of this fund.
Classification of the fund based on the above indicator is not guaranteed and may change in the future.
The lowest category of risk (1) does not mean that the investment is risk-free.
The material risks associated with the mutual fund are the following:

Market risk (the risk of falling market prices and the consequent decline in the prices of some of the securities in the fund's portfolio) is medium, since the fund invests in transferable securities, which may fluctuate.
The credit risk, ie the risk of an issuer being unable to discharge its obligations is high, as the mutual fund invests mainly in debt securities.
The mutual fund’s liquidity risk is low. Liquidity Risks arise when a specific underlying investment is difficult to be liquidated, causing possible difficulty to redeem your investment.

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Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator

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