3K/Bank of Attica Premier Income Bond 2026

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Investment Scope

The investment objective of the Mutual Fund is to increase the value of its investments, mainly through income and capital gains, by investing mainly in a diversified portfolio of debt securities in euro and secondarily in other transferable securities, money market instruments, bank deposits and units or shares of Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) or other equivalent collective investment undertakings, within the meaning of article 59 par. 1(e) of the Law. Up to ten percent (10%) of the Fund's net assets may be invested in shares. The Fund may also hold liquid assets. 

To realize its purpose, the Fund invests mainly in bonds regardless of credit rating in euro, issued by companies and/or by OECD countries (including Greek Treasury  Bills) and/or public international organizations, in which one or more OECD member states participate and which are traded in organized markets, as well as in convertible bonds. The Fund will be fully liquidated by 30.04.2026. Therefore, at the start of the Fund's investments, the average maturity of its portfolio will be approximately the same as the Fund's stated duration. The investment strategy of the Mutual Fund mainly includes buying and holding the bonds with the purpose of repaying them at maturity.

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Cumulative Performance (ΝΕΤ %)

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Practical Info

ISIN Code: GRF000482007
Currency: EUR
Unit class: Retail Investors
Asset class: Fixed Income
Region: Europe

Risk and Reward Profile

The Summary Risk Indicator (SRI) is based on the assumption that you will keep the product for 2 years. The real risk may vary significantly if you liquidate earlier. The summary risk indicator is a guide to the level of the risk of this product compared to other products. It shows how likely it is that the product will lose money because of movements in the markets or because we are not able to pay you.

We have classified this product as 2 out of 7, which is the low risk category because it invests primarily in debt securities, which can fluctuate significantly. This rates the potential losses from future performance at "low" and poor market conditions "is quite unlikel" have an impact on our ability to pay you. This product does not include protection against future market performance, 
so you could lose some or all of your investment. Risks that may be materially related to the product and which are not included in the summary risk index are the following: Counterparty Risk the risk that the settlement of transactions will not be fulfilled smoothly such as non-payment of money or valid delivery of securities by the counterparty. Operational Risk the risk related to potential malfunctions of the company's processes and systems. Interest rate risk is the risk of bond and money markets resulting from changes in the yield curve. Liquidity Risk: Due to liquidity risk, unitholders in the event of a redemption: a) may receive less than the value they have in mind when they take the decision to liquidate the units (due to the decrease in the unit price that may occur in the meantime ) b) they may not be able to redeem the units at the time they wish. Also under extreme liquidity conditions the net price per unit may decrease significantly.

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Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator

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