Complaints Policy

Complaints Handling Process 


In case of submitting a complaint to the Company:

1. The collection of complaints is done by the competent department of the Company's customer service sector, which immediately communicates the complaints to the Compliance Officer and the Internal Auditor.

2. Complaints can be submitted either by telephone or in writing, but in order to comply with the forms and to better ensure both the unitholder - shareholder or management client who makes the complaint and the Company, the unitholder or client is requested to formulate his request in writing too.

3. The investor can obtain the complaint form either from the distribution points of the shares or shares of UCITS and UCI, or from the Company. The completed forms are collected by the Shareholder Department, which is responsible for:

  • Reading and identifying the problem (if this is deemed necessary for a better understanding of the problem, the customer service department will also contact the customer by phone).
  • Informing the departments of the Company involved in the complaint and in any case the Compliance Service and the Internal Auditor.
  • The attempt to solve the problem in cooperation with the competent departments or the distribution points of the network (if the problem has arisen from there) with the assistance of the legal advisor in case the matter requires legal assistance.
  • Sending a response letter or confirmation of receipt of the complaint for cases where the response requires more time, at the latest in ten (10) working days from the receipt of the request.
  • The response to the complaint within a reasonable period of time depending on the nature of the request. The reasonableness of the response time is checked by the Internal Auditor.
  • The delivery to the customer, if he is not satisfied with the Company's response and if he requests it, of the Complaints Form of the Greek Financial Ombudsman, so that he can submit it to him

4. In the event that the shareholder's or customer's complaint is not due to any random event, but is based on a possible deficiencies of a department or some established wrong practice, the Compliance Service and the Internal Auditor shall immediately inform the Company's Management of taking every necessary measure to fix the problem immediately and avoid a recurrence in the future.

5. The customer service department ensures the maintenance of a registree in which the documents relating to the submitted customer-shareholder complaints are registered (customer-shareholder letters, complaint submission forms, the Company's reply letters, any correspondence with the Capital Market Commission and other relevant documents) .

6. In any case, if the investor is not satisfied with the Company's response, he can submit his complaint in writing to the Hellenic Financial Ombudsman, by completing the Complaints Form posted on the website of the Hellenic Financial Ombudsman ( ) and sending it by email (, fax (2103238821) or by post (Massalias 1, P.K. 10680, Athens).

It is noted that the Hellenic Financial Ombudsman is a specialized Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) organization, registered in the Registry of ADR Bodies of the General Secretariat of Trade and Consumer Protection, of the Ministry of Economy and Development.