How to invest in Mutual Funds managed by 3K Investment Partners and in Goldman Sachs Asset Management UCITS

Investing  in mutual funds  and Goldman Sachs Asset Management UCITS managed or represented respectively by 3K Investment Partners is a relatively simple process that can be completed in several ways:

• Online via the E-Funds platform
   ○ Access a multitude of markets through a wide range of mutual funds and UCITS
   ○ Create and configure your portfolios instantly and easily
   ○ Be informed instantly on the progress of your investment

• Through personal contact with 3K Investment Partners executives by calling 210 7419890 or sending an email to

• Through the certified for the sale of mutual funds insurance agents of NN Hellas or other distribution networks of 3K Investment Partners MFMC Single Member SA
   ○ The service of unit holders who acquire shares through the network of certified insurance consultants of NN HELLAS , has been entrusted to NN HELLAS. For that purpose, within the Customer Contact Center department at NN HELLAS (following the work schedule and public holidays), a Call Centre is available through the telephone line +30 801 100 200 300 and in person customer service, that may be contacted by those interested in investing in 3K mutual funds or those who wish to request information about their portfolio.