3K International Income Bond Fund - Unit Class R

Investment Scope

The mutual fund’s investment objective is toachieve income and capital gain through investing primarily in debt securities traded in Greece or abroad.


To achieve its objectives, the mutual fund invests at least 65% of its assets in debt securities (bonds) with issuers or guarantors, Member States of the European Union or public international organizations involving one or more Member States or companies domiciled in a State member of the European Union and which are traded on regulated markets in Greece or abroad.


Note: The aforementioned investment purpose and fund name entered into force from the date of approval of its Regulation Amendment by Hellenic Capital Market Commission the 22nd of February 2019.


For more information, please refer to the Key Investor Information Document


Key Investor Information - UnitClass R

Key Investor Information - Unit Class R DIS


Historical NAV
Calendar Year Performance (NET %)

The performances presented in the chart untill February 22nd, 2019 were achieved under circumstances that no longer apply, due to change in the fund's investment policy on the abovementioned date (conversion from Short-term money market fund to Bond Fund).

Cumulative Performance (ΝΕΤ %)
Share Class Benchmark0,661,290,57

Reference Date 31.03.2021
Practical Info
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Bond Fund