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One year of 3Κ Greek Value Domestic Equity Fund

(Decision 240/13.05.2015 of Hellenic Capital Market Commission)

A year ago, on 29th of May 2015, 3K Investment Partners M.F.M.C. formulated its investment idea by establishing 3K Greek Value Domestic Equity Fund.

This idea was based upon the trust of 3KIP towards Greek companies which combine healthy balance sheets, relation to exportation, long term profitability, reliable management and attractive valuations. During this first year of the mutual fund, through adversity of the Greek market (capital controls, referendum, elections), our investment team identified and utilized opportunities to include equities of companies, in the mutual fund’s portfolio, which meet the relevant quantitative and qualitative criteria at very attractive prices. This strategy recorded, during the first year of the fund, net profits of 7, 60% (period 29/05/2015-31/05/2016). Over the same period ASE General Index (Total Return) declined by 20, 68%!

George Koufopoulos, CEO & CIO of 3K Investment Partners M.F.M.C states: “We remain faithful to our strategy and philosophy and hopefully good yields will continue”

If the special conditions of the Greek market which led 3K Investment Partners in creating 3K Greek Value Domestic Equity Fund, have not become stronger certainly remain as relevant.

For more information regarding 3K Greek Value Domestic Equity Fund please contact 3K Investment Partners M.F.M.C (210 7419890, info@3kip.gr) 


Contact Details: 

Thodoris Lizardos
Chief of Sales, Sales Support & Marketing Officer
Tel.210 7419890   


*Please note that this performance was achieved under particular conditions and had obtained special permission from Hellenic Capital Market Commission, for derogating from the regulation’s investment limits. This derogation was maintained form the mutual fund’s launch (29/05/2015) to 30/10/2015.


3K Greek Value Domestic Equity fund  prospectus and KIID are available (gratis) in English on the company’s webpage www.3kip.gr