NN Investment Partners


NN Investment Partners is stand alone asset manager of NN Group N.V., a publicly traded company listed on Euronext Amsterdam. NN Investment Partners is head-quartered in The Hague, The Netherlands. NN Investment Partners in aggregate manages approximately EUR 298 bln* in assets for institutions and individual investors worldwide. NN Investment Partners employs about 1,000 staff and is active in 37 nations across Europe, U.S., Latin America, Asia and Middle East.

NN Investment Partners offers a wide variety of strategies, investment vehicles and advisory services in all major asset classes and investment styles. Visit www.nnip.com for more information.


As of April 07 2015, ING Investment Management has renamed to NN Investment Partners. NN Investment Partners is part of NN Group N.V., a publicly traded corporation.  NN Group and its subsidiaries are currently using trademarks including the "ING" name and associated trademarks of ING Groep N.V. (ING Group) under license.

*Figures as of June 30th, 2021.