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3K Investment Partners is an independent fund manager that offers a wide range of mutual funds and tailor made investment solutions. Our target is to provide our clients with value - added investment services of high quality

Solutions in focus

3K Greek Value Μετοχικό
3K Greek Value
Domestic Equity Fund

3K Greek Value Domestic Equity invests in stocks of Greek listed companies that have the ability to produce solid returns in the long run, are export oriented, characterized for their healthy balance sheets, the strong cash flow and profitability and have reliable, stable and successful management teams. Also, the fund pays special emphasis in companies with good potential to release hidden values.

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3K Α/Κ International Income Ομολογιακό
3K Α/Κ International
Bond Fund

3K International Income Bond Fund offers a smart solution to all those who want their money to have the prospect of achieving higher returns than those of the term deposits. Its portfolio is subject to constant adjustments to the ever-changing environment in order to achieve its goals.

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Responsible Investing Funds

Responsible Investments provides you the opportunity to invest in international investment strategies while contributing to the improvement of life on the planet.

Responsible Investing investments offer you effective capital management and potentially achieving better long-term returns.

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NN (L) Patrimonial Defensive
Goldman Sachs

Get a portfolio of holdings from around the world, with moderate "profile" by taking advantage of opportunities in international markets. Add flexibility and strength to your capital through ongoing professional management by Goldman Sachs Asset Manangement's experts. Through the moderate risk profile and the diversification of holding in the global economy aim to superior returns in the long run than those in the savings accounts.

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Sustainability & Responsible Investing

It’s our duty to plan the future and operate according to the long term interests of both our clients and the society at large. Sustainability is part of our mission and our responsibility for a better tomorrow.

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Portfolio Management Service

Based on the experience and specialization of our Executives, the financial requirements of each potential investor are evaluated and in combination with his investment profile, we propose the setup of an investment portfolio which corresponds best to his needs. This portfolio is being monitored and adjusted, according to possible changes in investor’s financial needs and status or of the broader financial conditions, both in domestic and international level.

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