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Net Asset Value


Risk level

Investment Scope

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission Licence No AIF32/2014

The Mutual Fund’s investment objective is to achieve capital appreciation by investing primarily in equities of companies listed on Exchanges (regulated or other secondary markets).  To achieve that objective, the Mutual Fund invests at least 60% of its assets in equities in companies listed on Exchanges. The Mutual Fund may also invest in other transferable securities, money market instruments, bank deposits, and units or shares in collective investment undertakings (UCITS and/or AIF) worldwide. The Mutual Fund may also, to a lesser degree, hold liquid cash assets.

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Past returns do not predict future returns

Historical NAV

Calendar Year Performance (NET %)

The fund is actively managed and does not follow the benchmark. Since 2020 the benchmark is the Bloomberg Europe 600 Net Return Index

The benchmark of the fund until 2021 was the Eurostoxx 600. The comparison of the mutual fund returns with the Reference Index started in February 2019.

The fund was established in 2018, so there is sufficient evidence to provide a useful indication of past performance only for the entire year 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The chart has limited value as a guide for future mutual fund returns as the mutual funds do not have a guaranteed performance and previous returns do not guarantee future returns.

The costs, fees and taxes borne by the fund that have been taken into account in the calculation of past returns are the management fee, the custodial fee, transaction costs and commissions made on behalf of the fund any tax in respect with the mutual fund and is required by applicable law, the fee of chartered auditors, the costs of statutory publications made on behalf of the fund and the costs related to the mandatory by-law notices to unit class

The fund was established in the year 2018.

Previous returns have been calculated in Euro.

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Cumulative Performance (ΝΕΤ %)

EUR 1y 3y 5y
Fund 19,87 49,82 54,80
Share Class Benchmark 7,84 33,36 27,79
Date Report 31/10/2023

Practical Info

ISIN Code: CYF000000911
Currency: EUR
Unit class: Retail Investors
Asset class: Equity
Region: Global

Risk and Reward Profile

The fund was established in 2018 and therefore there is no historical data on the basis of which it would be possible to calculate the risk and return profile. The mutual fund is in category 7 because it invests mainly in stocks which may fluctuate considerably. Hence the risk level is considered high.

Historical data may not be a reliable indication of the future performance of this fund.
There is no guarantee that the risk indicator will remain unchanged, it may shift over time. The lowest category of risk (1) does not mean that the investment is risk-free.
The material risks associated with the mutual fund are the following:

Market risk, i.e. the risk of decline in market prices and the consequent fall in prices of some of the securities contained in the mutual fund’s portfolio, is high given that the fund invests in equities.

The expected credit risk (the risk of an issuer being unable to discharge its obligations) is low, because the mutual fund invests only slightly or not at all in debt securities. 

The mutual fund’s liquidity risk is low. Liquidity Risks arise when a specific underlying investment is difficult to be liquidated, causing possible difficulty to redeem your investment from the mutual fund.

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Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator

Τhe above mentioned data and information refer to the open-ended alternative investment fund (AIF) "3K MUTUAL FUND ANAGENNISIS (AIF)", which is addressed to private investors (license No. AIF32 / 2014 by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and does not consist a UCITS.

THIS AIF IS TO BE AVAILABLE: a) in Greece directly from 3K INVESTMENT PARTNERS MFMC through its certified sales - agents and b) in the Republic of Cyprus through certified salesmen of the limited liability company under the name "BOC ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD" which registered office is in the Republic of Cyprus - 154, Lemessou Avenue, 2025 Strovolos, Nicosia, (VAT 10358706T, Issue No: HE 358706 ), which has received the no. UCITS 5/78/2012, licensed and supervised by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

BOC Asset Management LTD Contact Details: T: (+357) 22 121790, E-mail:bocam@bankofcyprus.com, Website: http://am.bankofcyprus.com.cy/, Address: 154, Limassol Ave. 1st Floor, 2025, Nicosia

DECLARATIONS 1) The open-ended Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) "3K MUTUAL FUND ANAGENNISIS (AIF)" is incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus and is supervised by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. 2) Investments in AIF has no guaranteed performance and past returns do not guarantee future ones. 3) The value of investments in units of AIF is subject to increases or decreases, the initial investment amount is not guaranteed.

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