Goldman Sachs Global Investment Grade Credit (Former NN) – X Cap USD

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This Sub-Fund aims to generate returns via the active asset management of a portfolio of primarily debt securities and Money Market Instruments issued mainly by financial institutions and companies and denominated in OECD currencies.

It is stipulated that any liquid assets held on an ancillary basis will not be taken into account when calculating this limit. Measured over a period of several years this Sub-Fund aims to beat the performance of the Index as listed in the Appendix II of the Company’s Prospectus. The Index is a broad representation of the Sub-Fund’s investment universe. The Sub-Fund can also include bonds that are not part of the Index universe. The Sub-Fund is actively managed with a focus on bond selection and global sector rotation. We combine our analysis on specific issuers of corporate bonds with a broader market analysis to construct the optimal portfolio.

We aim to exploit differences in bond valuations across regions, sectors and quality segments (ratings). Therefore the Sub-Fund investments can materially deviate from the Index. As issuer specific risk is an important driver of performance, we subject all issuers in the investable universe to an in-depth analysis of business and financial risk. Deviation limits are maintained relative to the Index. The Sub-Fund may also invest, on an ancillary basis, in other Transferable Securities (including warrants on Transferable Securities up to 10% of the SubFund’s net assets), contingent convertible securities (up to a maximum of 10% of the Sub-Fund’s net assets), Money Market Instruments, Rule 144 A securities, units of UCITS and other UCIs and deposits as described in Chapter III “Investment restrictions”, section A “Eligible investments” of Part III of this prospectus. However, investments in UCITS and UCIs may not exceed a total of 10% of the net assets. Where the Sub-Fund invests in warrants on Transferable Securities, please note that the net asset value may fluctuate more than if the Sub-Fund were invested in the underlying assets because of the higher volatility of the value of the warrant. The Sub-Fund may hold bank deposits at sight, such as cash held in current accounts with a bank accessible at any time. Such holdings may not exceed 20% of the Sub-Fund's net assets under normal market conditions. Cash equivalents such as deposits, Money Market Instruments and money market funds may be used for cash management purposes and in case of unfavourable market conditions.

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Past returns do not predict future returns

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Date Report 30/04/2024

Practical Info

ISIN Code: LU0674861538
Currency: USD
Unit class: X CAP
Asset class: Fixed Income
Region: Global

Risk and Reward Profile

The real risk may be significantly different if the Product is not held to maturity. The risk indicator assumes you keep the product for 5 year(s).

The summary risk indicator is a guide to the level of the risk of this product compared to other products. It shows how likely it is that the product will lose money because of movements in the markets or because we are not able to pay you.
This product does not include any protection from future market performance so you could lose some or all of your investment.

Other Material Risks relevant to the Portfolio not included in the summary risk indicator are set out in the Prospectus.
If the Fund is not able to pay you what is owed, you could lose your entire investment.  The actual risk can vary significantly if you cash in at an early stage and you may get back less. You may not be able to cash in early. You may have to pay significant extra costs to cash in early.

Be aware of currency risk when the currency of the Fund is different than the official currency of the Member State where the Fund is marketed to you. You will receive payments in a different currency than the official currency of the Member State where the Fund is marketed to you, so the final return you will get depends on the exchange rate between the two currencies. The risk is not considered in the indicator shown above.

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Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator

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