NN (L) Global High Yield (X Cap Hedged EUR)

Investment Scope

The fund primarily invests in a diversified portfolio of worldwide corporate bonds with a higher risk and therefore with a higher interest rate (so called high yield bonds, with a quality rating lower than BBB). Measured over a period of several years we aim to beat the performance of the benchmark 70% Barclays Capital US High Yield, 30% Barclays Capital Pan-European High Yield, 2% issuers capped ex Financial subord hedged (EUR). We combine our analysis on specific issuers of corporate bonds with a broader market analysis to construct the optimal portfolio. We aim to exploit differences in returns of these issuers within sectors and differences in returns between regions, sectors and different quality segments (ratings). The differences in high yield returns within a sector can be significant; we therefore believe that a strong focus on issuer selection and issuer diversification needs to be a crucial part of the high yield investment process.



Historical NAV
Calendar Year Performance (NET %)
Cumulative Performance (ΝΕΤ %)
Share Class Benchmark7,0011,8435,33

Reference Date 28.02.2021
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X CAP Hedged
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Fixed Income