Date Title File (EN)
28/06/2022NN (L) Notice 28.06.2022
28/06/2022NN (L) Patrimonial Notice 28.06.2022
22/06/2022Notice for liquidation of NN (L) Emerging Europe Equity
31/05/2022NN (L) Notice 31.05.2022
23/05/2022Notice NN (L) Emerging Europe Equity- 5th NAV and transactions' suspension extention
09/05/2022Notice NN (L) Emerging Europe Equity- 4th NAV and transactions' suspension extention
25/04/2022Notice NN (L) Emerging Europe Equity- 3rd NAV and transactions' suspension extention
11/04/2022Notice NN (L) Emerging Europe Equity- 2nd NAV and transactions' suspension extention
28/03/2022Notice NN (L) Emerging Europe Equity- NAV and transactions' suspension extention
02/03/2022Notice NN (L) Emerging Europe Equity- NAV and transactions' suspension
12/01/2022Notice 3K Global Equity Fund
11/01/20223K Domestic Equity Fund Notice
11/01/20223K Greek Value Notice January 2022
11/01/20223K Balanced Fund Notice January 2022
09/09/2021Notice ΝΝ (L) 09/09/2021 - Liquidation of the sub-fund NN (L) US Growth Equity
20/07/2021Noticed NN (L) 20/07/2021
28/06/2021Notice 3K Investment Partners
07/06/2021Notice Share Capital Reduction
08/04/2021Notice NN (L) 08/04/2021
08/04/2021Notice NN (L) Patrimonial 08/04/2021
05/03/2021Notice NN (L) 05/03/2021
02/03/2021Submission of a Share Capital Reduction Proposal
08/01/2021Notice to Shareholders 05.01.2021
27/10/2020Notice NN (L) 27/10/2020
09/10/2020Notice NN (L) Patrimonail 09.10.2020
28/08/2020Notice NN (L) 28.08.2020
13/08/2020Notice NN (L) 13.08.2020
26/02/2020Notice for Regulation Amendment of 3K Anagennisis Fund (AIF)
19/12/2019Notice for Redemption Suspension on 24th December 2019
10/12/2019Addition of the indication "Single Member" to the company's name
29/10/2019Notice NN (L) 28/10/2019
30/08/2019Fully Lifting of Capital Controls
18/06/20193K Anagennisis Fund (AIF) Notice
30/04/2019Notice NN (L) 30.04.2019
30/04/2019Notice NN (L) Patrimonial 30.04.2019
29/03/2019NN IP Notice for replacement of the Management Company
25/02/2019Notice for Regulation Amendment of 3K European Short Term Money Market Fund
14/12/2018Notice Anagennisis 14/12/2018
02/11/2018Notice NN (L) 02.11.2018
30/10/2018Notice NN (L) Patrimonial 30.10.2018
28/09/2018Notice NN (L) 28.09.2018
31/07/2018Notice NN (L) 30.07.2018
03/07/2018Notice NN (L) 03.07.2018
03/07/2018Notice NN (L) Patrimonial 03.07.2018
31/03/2018Notice NN (L) Patrimonial 31.03.2018
13/02/2018Notice NN (L) 13.02.2018
14/09/20173K E-Funds Contest
30/08/2017Notice NN (L) 30.08.2017
20/07/2017Notrice NN (L) Patrimonial 20.07.2017
05/07/2017Notice 3K Investment Partners
07/04/2017Notice NN (L) 07.04.2017
07/04/2017Notice NN (L) 07.04.2017
24/02/2017Notice NN (L) 24.02.2017
02/12/2016Notice NN (L) International 02.12.2016
10/11/2016Notice NN (L) Patrimonial 10.11.2016
30/09/2016Notice NN (L) International 28.09.2016
29/07/2016Notice NN (L) 29.07.2016
06/07/2016Change in the tax treatment of mutual funds
16/03/2016Letter from 3K Investment Partners to the unitholders
04/03/2016Notice NN (L) Patrimonial 04.03.2016
16/02/2016Notice NN (L) 16.02.2016
30/12/2015Notice NN (L) International 30.12.2015
09/12/2015Partial removal of Capital Controls by the Ministry Of Finance
01/09/2015Notice NN (L) 01.09.2015
29/05/2015Notice NN (L)
29/05/2015Notice NN(L) International
22/05/2015Notice NN(L) Patrimonial - NN(L)
29/04/2015Notice_ING International 29.04.2015
31/03/2015Notice ING (L) 31.03.2015
31/03/2015Notice ING (L) Patrimonial 31.03.2015
17/02/2015Notice ING (L)
17/02/2015Notice ING (L) Patrimonial
23/01/2015Notice ING (L)
23/01/2015Notice ING (L) Patrimonial
16/01/2015Notice ING MFMC
31/12/2014Notice ING (L)
02/09/2014Ανακοίνωση ING (L)
29/08/201429.08.2014 Notice ING (L) Patrimonial
30/04/2014Notice ING (L) Patrimonial
18/03/2014Notice ING (L)
27/02/2014Notice ING (L)
26/02/2014Notice ING (L)
24/01/2014Notice ING (L) Protected
03/01/2014Notice ING MFMC
16/12/2013Notice ING (L)
28/11/2013Notice ING (L), ING (L) Patrimonial, ING International
01/11/2013Notice ING MFMC
01/10/2013Notice ING (L) Patrimonial
01/10/2013Notice ING (L)
01/08/2013Notice ING (L)